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PanzerGlass™ screen protectors 

In today's digitally-driven world, our devices are more than just tools; they're a vital part of our daily lives. This centrality makes protecting them a priority, and this is where PanzerGlass™ steps in. Specializing in screen protection, we offer a range of screen protectors that protects your devices from everyday hazards. 

How do you choose the right screen protector? 

When selecting a screen protector, it's crucial to consider the type of device you're protecting and the level of protection you need. Our range includes options for various devices, each tailored to provide the best fit and protection. 

Smartphone screen protectors 

Smartphones are perhaps the most used and exposed of all our devices. Our range of smartphone screen protectors is crafted to fit various models perfectly, offering maximum coverage without compromising on functionality. 

Tablet screen protectors 

Tablets require a larger screen protector, and our range includes options designed specifically for these devices. They provide the same level of protection as our smartphone screen protectors but are tailored for the larger screen size of tablets. 

Smart Watch screen protectors 

Given the active use and exposure of smartwatches, our screen protectors for smartwatches are designed to be exceptionally durable yet thin enough not to interfere with the functionality of the watch.  

Screen protectors with special features 

In addition to standard screen protectors, we also offer specialized options like privacy screen protectors, which keep your screen visible only to you, and EyeCare screen protectors, which reduce blue light exposure and minimizes reflections from the sun and artificial lighting. 

Why choose PanzerGlass™ screen protectors? 

Screen protectors are an essential accessory for any digital device. From smartphones to tablets, and smartwatches to laptops, these thin layers of protective material play a crucial role in preserving your device's screen from scratches, cracks, and other potential damages.  

At PanzerGlass™, we offer an extensive range of screen protectors, including tempered glass screen protectors, tailored to fit various device models and sizes. 

  • High-level scratch resistance 
    Our screen protectors are known for their incredible scratch resistance. This is particularly vital as screens are constantly exposed to elements that can cause scratches. 
  • Impact resistance 
    Besides being scratch-resistant, our screen protectors are also designed to absorb and dissipate impact, protecting your screen from cracks and breaks. 
  • Easy installation 
    A common concern among users is the complexity of installing screen protectors. We've addressed this by ensuring that our products are easy to install, coming with all the necessary tools and instructions for a perfect, bubble-free application. 
  • Longevity 
    By protecting your screen from damage, PanzerGlass™ screen protectors also extend the life of your device, making them a cost-effective investment. 

Installation guide 

Installing a PanzerGlass™ screen protector is straightforward. Our products come with detailed instructions and tools needed for a smooth, bubble-free installation. We also offer online videos and guides to assist you further. 


Can a screen protector affect touch sensitivity or screen clarity? 

Award-winning screen protectors like those from PanzerGlass™ are designed to be ultra-thin and highly transparent, so they should not noticeably affect touch sensitivity or screen clarity. However, lower-quality or incorrectly applied screen protectors might. Ensuring proper installation and using a premium protector is key to maintaining your device's functionality. 


What is the difference between a glass screen protector and a plastic one? 

Glass screen protectors, often made from tempered glass, are known for their robustness, effectively guarding against scratches and impacts. They tend to preserve the original feel of the screen and maintain clear visibility, ensuring a seamless touch experience. On the other hand, plastic screen protectors, crafted from a lightweight plastic material, offer a more flexible and often more affordable alternative.