Look after your Samsung Galaxy S21 with a screen protector

Samsung Galaxy S21 screen protection

Samsung Galaxy S21 screen protection

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PanzerGlass® Samsung Galaxy S21 5G | Screen Protector Glass

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PanzerGlass® Samsung Galaxy S21 5G | Screen Protector Glass

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Why use a screen protector for your Samsung S21?

With their S21 model, Samsung have introduced another top-shelf smartphone. Among the new features are the camera and 5G ‒ two elements that will slot right into most Samsung S21 users’ everyday life. Today, very few of us own “analogue” cameras, but instead use the built-in camera on our mobile phones to capture memories. This means that many priceless memories are now stored on our smartphones. It is therefore important to take good care of your Samsung S21 – if it breaks, you can lose all of its important contents.

Being able to get online and having a fast internet connection are also important for most of us, and this is 5G’s contribution. This also means that your Samsung S21 will be used frequently when you’re out and about. This increases the risk of dropping, bumping or damaging the phone, in particular the screen, which is really large on the Samsung S21.

The screen is one of the most central parts of a smartphone like the Samsung S21. If the screen doesn’t work, your phone’s GPS, functions and of course the overall experience of using the S21 can be affected.

Screen protection protects the original screen on the Samsung S21. You install the screen protector directly onto the screen, and in doing so protect the original S21 screen against bumps, shocks and scratches. The screen protector absorbs impact from bumps or shocks, meaning that its function can be compared to that of a bicycle helmet: The mobile phone is protected if an accident occurs and your S21 gets knocked.

Of course, it’s possible to have your broken screen repaired, but this is often costly and inconvenient. It’s much easier to use a screen protector from the start, and if it then breaks due to a bump or shock, you can easily remove the old screen protector and install the new one. This way, your S21 is protected again and you won’t have to go without it for one minute!

Our focus is to look after your S21 mobile phone, but we also want to help look after you. This is why all of our Samsung S21 screen protection products have an anti-bacterial function, which means that 99.999% of the most common surface bacteria on mobile phones cannot survive on the glass for more than 24 hours. We use Samsung phones all the time, but aren’t always good at remembering to clean them. This is something our innovative screen protection glass for the Samsung S21 can help with.

It’s important to look after the screen on the S21, but the edges and back are also at risk. For this reason, we also recommend using a   Our covers for the S21 provide good protection of the edges and sides. At the same time, our S21 covers are transparent as they are made of PanzerGlassTM. This gives you a very strong and resistant cover, while still allowing you to admire the gorgeous colours on the Samsung S21 phone.