Protect and extend the lifespan of your Samsung Galaxy S21 mobile phone with a PanzerGlass™ case.


Samsung Galaxy S21 case

Samsung Galaxy S21 case

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Why use a case for your Samsung Galaxy S21?


By using a mobile phone case for the Samsung S21 model, you protect the vulnerable edges and back against knocks, bumps and scratches that can easily occur as a result of daily use. We use our mobile phones in many different places, many times a day and place them on different surfaces after use. All of this increases the risk of damaging the screen, edges and back. The screen is protected with the S21 screen protector and the edges and back with an S21 case.

The stylish back is part of the S21’s design, and is made of a combination of metal and glass. This provides a stunning surface, meaning scratches or more significant damage are definitely unwelcome! Glass is a beautiful material, but can also be fragile in the event of an accidental bump or knock. Avoid damaging or scratching the back of your phone by using an S21 case. 

When you use a case for your Samsung S21 phone, you also protect yourself against unforeseen expenses for repairs, having to spend time on repairs and, not least, having to go without your phone while it’s being repaired. After all, it isn’t until we have to go without them that we realise how important mobile phones like the S21 are in our daily lives. They have so many functions – We use them to keep track of appointments, stay in touch with family and friends, as a camera and more, so if you have to go without one for a long time, everyday life can get that little bit more difficult. Avoid this scenario and protect your Samsung S21 with a strong and resistant mobile phone case.


Why choose our case for your Samsung S21?

Our cases, just like our screen protectors, are made of strong tempered glass. This means that with our cases, you are ensured some of the very best protection for your Samsung S21. At the same time, you also get a transparent case, meaning you can still appreciate the stunning design and colours that are the mark of the Samsung S21 phone. There are many different types of designs for the Samsung S21 phone, but many of them are heavy-duty and cover up a large part of the phone. We think it’s a shame to hide it, which is why we developed cases for the S21. They provide excellent protection, while still allowing you to appreciate the phone’s stylish design. You’re sure to have chosen exactly the model and colour in the S21 you liked the best, so you should still be able to enjoy the design when using a case.

The S21 case is available in two variants, both of which feature a strong and transparent back. You can choose between a transparent and a see-through border. The black border is our strongest variant, giving your S21 even more protection. For extra protection of the edges and around the camera, there are small raised areas in the black border. One of the new additions in the S21 model is the camera, and with our S21 case, it gets even better protection.


Our Samsung S21 cases have an antibacterial surface

Our focus is to look after your devices. But we also want to help look after you, and we do with our S21 cases, thanks to their antibacterial surfaces. This means that 99.99% of the most common bacteria on mobile phones die within 24 hours on the case.

You may not clean your mobile phone regularly, and with our cases and screen protectors for the S21, we have done part of the work for you with the new antibacterial surface. If you wish to clean your mobile phone, we recommend using our screen cleaner