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iPhone 15 Plus Cases

iPhone 15 Plus Cases

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SAFE. by PanzerGlass® TPU Case iPhone 15 Plus

SAFE. by PanzerGlass® TPU Case iPhone 15 Plus

SAFE. by PanzerGlass® - Case


PanzerGlass® HardCase MagSafe Compatible with D3O iPhone 15 Plus

PanzerGlass® HardCase MagSafe Compatible with D3O® iPhone 15 Plus

PanzerGlass® - Case


PanzerGlass® HardCase with D3O iPhone 15 Plus

PanzerGlass® HardCase with D3O® iPhone 15 Plus

PanzerGlass® - Case


PanzerGlass® ClearCase with D3O iPhone 15 Plus

PanzerGlass® ClearCase with D3O® iPhone 15 Plus

PanzerGlass® - Case


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Less impact on the planet. More protection with iPhone 15 Plus cases. 

At PanzerGlass™, we offer a wide range of iPhone 15 Plus cases that not only protect your phone but also prolong its lifespan. Our iPhone 15 Plus case design is built to withstand daily challenges, ensuring you can enjoy your iPhone 15 Plus for an extended period. So, why not treat your new iPhone 15 Plus to the top-tier case it truly deserves? 

What makes PanzerGlass™ cases special?  

Our cases are not just regular cases. PanzerGlass™ cases are giving the Plus-protection to your phone, so you can prolong the lifetime of your phone and help work towards a more sustainable future. Here’s what makes our cases for iPhone 15 Plus special: 

  • Premium defense: Crafted to shield against life's unexpected moments, our iPhone 15 Plus cases can handle drops from up to 3.6 meters, meeting 3x Military Grade Standards. 
  • Committed to a greener future: Our cases are made from D3O® Bio, the world’s most protective plant-based material. Plus, our packaging is sustainably sourced, using FSC™-certified recycled boxes. 
  • MagSafe compatible: On the hunt for a MagSafe compatible iPhone 15 Plus case? We've got you covered with select cases designed for MagSafe compatibility. 

Which is the best iPhone 15 Plus case? 

That's a great question, and the answer depends on your needs and preferences. At PanzerGlass™, we offer a diverse range of the best iPhone 15 Plus cases tailored to various lifestyles and requirements. 

Robust cases for the iPhone 15 Plus 

With the iPhone 15 Plus boasting a larger screen, it deserves unparalleled protection. Step up its safety game with our HardCase tailored for this model. Harnessing the power of innovative D3O® Bio material, this iPhone 15 Plus phone case stands firm against accidental drops, even from a staggering 3.6 meters. Crafted with sustainability in mind, the case's rear is 100% recycled plastic, and its frame is enriched with 44% plant-based elements. And for those in search for an iPhone 15 Plus MagSafe case, we got it too.

Transparent protection with D3O® for the iPhone 15 Plus 

Introducing the PanzerGlass™ ClearCase, a clear iPhone 15 Plus case infused with the formidable D3O® Bio, a material legendary for protecting elite military forces. That means it can handle drops from a height of 2.4 meters or a running-down-the-stairs-and-accidently-dropping-your-phone kind of height. This iPhone 15 Plus clear case, melded with its eco-friendly frame, offers an unparalleled barrier against everyday hazards, still looking flawless.

Go all-in with the 3-in-1 Protection Pack for iPhone 15 Plus 

At PanzerGlass™, we believe in providing your iPhone 15 Plus with the best protection. That's why we also offer screen protectors and camera lens protection tailored perfectly for your iPhone 15 Plus. And guess what? It’s all bundled into one comprehensive package, the 3-in-1 Protection Pack for iPhone 15 Plus! Our screen protectors are designed to cover your smartphone's entire display while still leaving room for an iPhone 15 Plus case. So, why not go all-in and equip your iPhone 15 Plus with the best possible protection using both a PanzerGlass™ case and screen protector?

FAQ for iPhone 15 Plus cases 

Can iPhone 14 cases be used for iPhone 15 Plus? 

Unfortunately, iPhone 14 cases or any case for another iPhone model aren't compatible with iPhone 15 Plus. While all iPhones are remarkable, there are subtle differences in their designs, meaning their cases will also differ slightly. But fear not, PanzerGlass™ offers a wide range of cases for all models. So, regardless of which model you own, rest assured your iPhone is in safe hands.  


What if I regret my purchase of an iPhone 15 Plus case? 

If you've purchased a case for your iPhone 15 Plus and suddenly have second thoughts, don't despair! PanzerGlass™ offers a return policy as robust as their iPhone 15 Plus cases. You're entitled to return items and receive a refund within 15 days of receiving the products, no questions asked. As long as the products are in the same condition as when you received them, you're good to go. Use the return portal to initiate the process. Simply enter your email address and order ID, and you're on your way!