PanzerGlass™’  Christmas gift guide

PanzerGlass™’ Christmas gift guide

4. December 2020 By PanzerGlass A/S

Christmas is fast approaching, which means it’s time to write your wishlist and start Christmas shopping for gifts for family and friends. And finding the right gift isn’t always easy, even when it comes to your closest friends and family. To help you out, we have created this Christmas gift guide featuring PanzerGlass™ products.


Can you really give PanzerGlass™ as a gift?

The idea of giving a screen protector or cases as Christmas gifts may sound strange – but think about what it really is you’re giving: Safety and protection against unforeseen costs and hassle. Plus, it’s good for the environment. The longer we use our devices, and the fewer new mobile phones and tablets need to be produced, the fewer resources we use. This means that giving screen protectors or covers is good for both the recipient – and our planet.


For Mum

A screen protector and a cover makes a great gift for mum, making sure her phone is well protected. Several of our screen protection products are available with extra features, so you can find the exact type of screen protection to suit her. For example, screen protection is available for several of the latest phone models with anti-bacterial layer. This means that 99.999% of the most common surface bacteria are unable to survive on the phone’s surface over a 24-hour period.

Does she also have trouble seeing the phone’s screen in the sun or brightly lit rooms? You can help by giving her a screen protector that reduces glare from the glass. Look for screen protection with an anti-glare effect.

We know that phones get dirty, being brought everywhere with us throughout the day, but we don’t really tend to clean them. This is something we want to help with, which is why we have created the Spray Twice A Day screen cleaner, a great gift choice for mum.

The screen cleaner is highly effective, and since it is antibacterial, the surface bacteria that come into contact with the surface of the phone are killed. Spray Twice A Day contains only active ingredients from sustainable sources, and we only use ingredients that are used in hygiene and cosmetic products and are therefore not harmful to either the user or their phone. Spray Twice A Day is available in three sizes from £5,99.


For Dad

It can be difficult to find the perfect gift for the father or husband who has everything. Socks and underpants can’t always cut it.

Perhaps your dad already uses a cover, or even a case that covers the phone completely? Good protection of the back of the phone and its edges doesn’t have to mean this kind of all-encompassing packaging. Our ClearCase™ covers are strong and durable and will protect his phone against impact and shocks. A particularly special feature is the transparent cover, meaning your dad’s phone is protected with a cover, while the phone and all its buttons and functions can be seen and operated with the cover on.


Most dads love their cars – so how about giving a Christmas gift to help him take care of it? Amongst other things, a screen protector for the car display will protect against scratches from car keys and help ensure that the car’s equipment is always fully functional. We have screen protectors for displays in selected Volvo, Volkswagen and Ford models.



For teens

There’s sure to be plenty of smartphones and smartwatches under the Christmas tree this year – so make sure they get looked after with screen protectors and covers. We have all the big brands and latest models.

Teenagers want privacy – making a screen protector with a privacy filter an ideal Christmas gift choice. Screen protectors with privacy filters protect not only the screen, but also your private life. The privacy filter ensures that only the user sitting directly in front of the screen can see its contents. The person sitting next to you at school, on the bus, or at a café can only see a dark screen. Conversations, passwords and information on our devices are protected. Screen protection with privacy filter is available for mobile phones, tablets, PCs and MacBooks alike.  


For added privacy, you can also choose screen protection with a CamSlider™ . The CamSlider™  is built into the screen protector and is positioned right where the front camera is. So, by moving the CamSlider™  to the left or right, the user has full control over how and when the camera is open or blocked. Nobody wants to run the risk of someone following our lives via our open cameras. By using CamSlider™, we have more control – so it’s no longer necessary to use post-its, plasters or any other creative solutions you might have seen in order to cover front cameras and webcams. Screen protection with CamSlider™  is available for selected smartphones, laptops and MacBooks from £39.99.


Screen protection with a bit of bling

We’ve made a special CamSlider™ version in partnership with the world-renowned crystal company  Swarovski®. Here, the CamSlider™ is decorated with a Swarovski® crystal. This gives it a really special, high-end look, making it an obvious gift choice for a teenager. Our CamSlider™ Fashion Edition is available for selected iPhones.


We hope this Christmas gift guide has given you some good ideas for your own wish list and gift ideas for others. Remember that when you make a purchase at, you get free shipping on your Christmas gifts, and should the gift not be to the recipient’s taste, we also offer free returns.