New product from PanzerGlass™: Apple Watch Full Body Protection

New product from PanzerGlass™: Apple Watch Full Body Protection

4. March 2021 By PanzerGlass A/S


 You might be considering buying an Apple Watch, or you have already bought one?

An Apple Watch has a lot of functions, that for many people work as a natural and smart extension of their iPhone. In addition to this, Apple has again succeeded to design a simple and very stylish product.

In other words, we can understand if you have fallen for the Apple Watch! We want to help you take care of it. As it is part of your everyday life – and your wrist – it can easily happen that you scratch the screen on your Apple Watch. That would be a bummer, and it can also affect the function of the watch. We would therefore recommend that you use screen protection for Apple Watch.


We are now protecting both the edges and the screen of your Apple Watch

We are now able to present another innovation in our product line: Full Body Protection for Apple Watch. Both the screen and the edges are now protected, as our Apple Watch screen protector embraces the full product. This also results in it being able to be installed with a single click. See how fast and easy it can be done here.



To match the design of the Apple Watch, you can choose a screen protection with a clear edge, through which you can see the whole watch, or you can choose one with black edges, which will match watches with a black watch case perfectly.

With both versions, you get the well-known PanzerGlass screen protection. The glass is made of strong, tempered glass and is crystal clear, so you will not notice any difference when you watch the screen.

Just like our other products, our Apple Watch protector has an oleophobic coating, which is fingerprint resistant and offers the same experience as if you were not using any screen protection. You do not have to worry that the screen protection will affect the touch sensitivity of the screen. Everything will work as if you were not using any screen protection. You can use your Apple Watch just like before – but without having to worry about it getting damaged or scratched!


Bacteria cannot survive on Apple Watch Full Body Protection

We have given the surface of our Full Body Protection for Apple Watch an antibacterial surface treatment. This ensures that 99.99% of the bacteria that is most common on the surface of watches cannot survive. This feature is particularly smart on a watch that you will touch a lot during the day.

You can find this antibacterial surface on many of our products, for example screen protectors and phone covers.

We hope that you will like your Apple Watch and our Full Body Protection. If you should have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact us.