Protect the edges and back of your Samsung S21+ against knocks, bumps and scratches.


Samsung Galaxy S21+ case

Samsung Galaxy S21+ case

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Why use a case for your Samsung Galaxy S21+?

How many times a day do you use your Samsung S21+? You probably don’t know the answer to this yourself, but it’s sure to be a lot and in many different contexts. Every time you use your mobile, there’s a risk of dropping or knocking it. When you place it on different surfaces, in your bag or pocket, there is a particular risk of scratches on the screen and back of the phone. A scratched screen or back is really irritating, and in the worst case scenario more significant damage can mean that you have to have your S21+ repaired before you can use it again. It’s annoying to have to spend time and money on repairs, especially when there’s plenty you can do to protect your mobile phone from damage! By installing a screen protector on your S21+  and protecting the back and edges with a mobile phone case, you’ll have taken an important step towards taking good care of your Samsung Galaxy S21+ and making sure it lasts longer.


Why choose our cases for your Samsung S21+?

Our products are made to look after your devices. We are one of the world’s leading manufacturers of screen protectors and mobile phone cases. It’s important for a phone case to be strong and hard-wearing, which is why we also offer covers made of PanzerGlassTM. Our S21+ cases are also made of PanzerGlassTM, which provides great protection of the back and edges of the S21+.

Aside from the great protection, you also get a transparent case, which means you will still be able to admire the stunning design of the Samsung Galaxy S21+. The combination of metal and glass in the design of the S21+ provides a beautiful surface, and it would be a shame to hide the eye-catching colours away inside a heavy-duty case. When you choose our Samsung S21+ case, you get both the well-known protection as well as the possibility to still be able to enjoy the stylish design.

For the Samsung S21 Plus, we offer two case variants, the difference between them being the frame that covers the edges of the phone. You can choose between a transparent frame, which gives you a completely transparent case so that the entire phone is visible. The other variant, which we call the Black Edition, has a black frame. This frame is made of even stronger material, and along with the small raised areas at the corners and around the camera, this case keeps your Samsung Galaxy S21+ very well protected.


Avoid bacteria on your Samsung S21+ Case

As an extra feature, our S21+ cases have an antibacterial surface. This means that 99.99% of the most common bacteria found on phone case surfaces cannot survive for more than 24 hours.

We all know that both mobile phones and their cases get dirty and need to be cleaned regularly. Most of us just don’t manage to do this. With this product, we hope to help you with this, as well as providing your S21+ with the well-known PanzerGlass TM protection on the back and edges.


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