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Black Friday

At PanzerGlass, we also offer our customers great prices on Black Friday. We reduce the prices of selected items so that you can help protect your own, a friend's, or a family member's smartphone, tablet, or laptop.

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What is Black Friday?

Everyone loves a good deal! Especially in the run up to Christmas, when a many of us spend a lot of money, time, and effort buying Christmas gifts for family and friends.

In recent years, Black Friday has become more popular in Europe and is now a recurring event where stores - online and offline - lower the prices of selected items and entice customers with great deals. This means that, for many consumers, Black Friday has become an annual event where they can find a bargain and buy some Christmas presents at discounted prices.


Black Friday at PanzerGlass.co.uk

PanzerGlass provides screen protection of the absolute highest quality for virtually all brands and models of mobile devices, including smartphones, tablets, and laptops, as well as watches, car displays, and cycling computers.

For additional smartphone protection, we also offer covers. Our covers are made of tempered PanzerGlassTM, which means the phone's edges and sides are well protected, while you can still see the whole phone and the design that you have chosen and paid for.


Can you give PanzerGlass as a gift?

Does buying screen protectors on Black Friday and giving them as Christmas presents seem a little strange? Just think of everything else you give with this gift. PanzerGlass has launched a number of initiatives to support our environment and climate. We have e.g. reduced the use of disposable plastic in our boxes, and the small bag holding the wet wipe and microfiber cloth is compostable.

The whole idea of using screen protection is to protect screens from damage and, in the worst case, having to be repaired or replaced. By giving a screen protector as a gift, you also save the recipient from having to spend time and effort on having a damaged screen repaired. As consumer and friend or family member, giving a screen protector as a gift therefore also sends the message that you want to take care of our planet. The better we take care of our things, the fewer resources are spent on producing new ones and on getting rid of old electronics. That’s why buying a PanzerGlassTM product on Black Friday and giving it as a gift isn't just giving screen protection - it is also an expression of care for the recipient and our shared planet. It's just an added bonus that you bought it at a great price on Black Friday!


More about Black Friday

Black Friday originates from the United States and is the day after Thanksgiving, where Americans gather over an extravagant dinner, typically with roast turkey as one of the highlights. The day after Thanksgiving (the day we now know as Black Friday) is when when many Americans start looking forward to the next holiday and begin their Christmas gift shopping. In order to get the wheels and turnover moving, more and more stores are lowering their prices to attract customers and capture their share of the increased turnover.

Online shopping on Black Friday has really gained ground in recent years. In general, online shopping accounts for a relatively large share of total consumption, and this suggests that consumers see an advantage in shopping from home and, for example, avoiding having to stand in long queues and having the goods delivered. In 2020, Covid-19 also boosted this trend, and webshops saw increasing interest and revenue - so we are sure that online Black Friday is here to stay!

At PanzerGlass, we look forward to celebrating Black Friday with you! If you can't wait until Black Friday kicks off, you can shop at panzerglass.co.uk all year round. New products are continually being added - all of which are intended to help take care of your devices.

Remember that we offer free shipping and returns to our club members. Sign up now - it's completely free and you'll be ready for Black Friday! You can read more and sign up for the customer club here.